Contribute Through Rotary 


Can you or someone you know help with a cash donation or contribute in-kind? All funds raised will go towards current and future "My Home" houses across the Perth metro area.

Items Required

Cash donations covering the cost of items for one house or all houses on a site are very welcome. View the specifications for full details of required items.

In-kind donation of items or at-cost supply are very welcome where the "My Home" specifications can be met. Consistency across houses is important, so we ask that in-kind and at-cost arrangements address the requirements for all houses on a site, not just one.

Current site under development:

Item Funds Needed Funds Committed Info Donate For 1 House
Furniture $75,690 $0 Specs $4,205
Linen $3,960 $7,425 Specs $220
Whitegoods $10,224 $0 Specs $568
Electrical $9,666 $0 Specs $537
Utensils $9,564 $0 Specs $533
Accessories $3,134 $0 Specs $174
Welcome Pack $2,952 $0 Specs $164
Landscaping $20,340 $0 Specs $1,130
Outdoor Items $24,930 $0 Specs $1,385