How We Make Houses Happen

Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model

A Public Private Partnership (PPP) structure enables us to remove the cost of land from the housing development cost. Public Sector, Private Sector and the community work together to enable housing for homeless people or those at risk of homelessness.

"My Home" PPP Model

My Home PPP Model


Public: Utilizing vacant, unused Government and Church owned land which has no identified short to medium term use, such as road widening, rail system expansion and drainage. Other land providers might be not-for-profit organisations and private landowners.

Private: Corporations, foundations and individuals supply private sector funding for the construction of the housing through tax deductible donations or impact investment.

Provider: An experienced Community Housing Provider (CHP) manages the properties and tenants as well as maintenance and collection of rents. Importantly, the CHP also acts as a conduit to support services for the residents.