Management of the Properties & the Tenants

Hands-on Experience of Working with Homeless People

A Community Housing Provider (CHP) provides property and tenancy management services for the “My Home” houses and sites.

It is responsible for the sensitive allocation of homes to their new residents based on Housing First principles. The process targets those most in need but ensures that each “My Home” site has a carefully considered mix of tenants who will contribute to the overall wellbeing and prosperity of individual residents.

The CHP also undertakes the required work to maintain the “My Home” houses and sites such as maintenance, repairs and general upkeep of gardens, buildings and shared outdoor spaces, as well as collection of residents’ rent.

A Support Services Provider works alongside the CHP to ensure the welfare of the residents. Services might be related to physical health, mental health, vocational training, financial management, social welfare and any other needs the residents might have to live a health and fulfilling life. People who are homeless or have been homeless have experienced some form of trauma and it is essential that we support them as they re-establish themselves into the community.

St Pats CSC

Resident Selection

  • Needs-based priority. There is no judgement as to the suitability of a person to be a resident
  • Medium to minimal reliance on support services (chronic high-need homeless people require accommodation with 24 hour on-site services which can be provided with other housing models such as Common Ground)
  • Available to various cohorts, such as older women, older men, single parents, youths, indigenous people.
  • A small percentage of the resident's income is paid in rent.
  • Residents sign a standard rental agreement with the CHP
  • Tenants live in the houses for as long as required to regain independence and confidence to move into private market accommodation. For many tenants, their “My Home” house will be their forever home
  • It is expected that tenants participate in the upkeep of the site including the care of the vegetable gardens, cleaning of the barbecue area and general tidiness of the site.